Selling Yourself on your CV

Posted on January 26, 2019 at 12:00 am

You only have a few seconds to show someone what you are about via your CV, be that a recruitment consultant or an interviewer for a new job. You need to make sure your CV delivers if you are going to get the interviews that you want, and be able to show a potential future employer what you can do.

If you are putting together a new CV, first make sure it is well presented. This will make it easy for someone to scan through, which can only go in your favour. If you have a CV already, it might be worth running it past someone else to see how easy it is for them to read. It should have clear headings, so that someone can see at a glance what your core strengths are. You can then move on to editing the content, making sure it sells you and tells someone what you are capable of.

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