Can you Recruit on your Own as a Business?

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 7:12 pm

Many businesses decide to go it alone when recruiting. Why? To save money and to be in control. This isn’t the most sensible option, when there are so many good recruitment agencies around who can help you to get real value during your recruitment processes.

If it is cost you are worried about, then there are low-cost recruitment agencies who will be able to help. By conducting a search for this term, you will find lots of flexible recruitment options that can work for your business. Many agencies will offering various levels of service, such as writing adverts, checking CVs and going through an initial questioning session with a candidate. If you want all of this, it will cost more. If you just want support in certain areas, recruitment suddenly becomes very affordable. And it really will save you so much time.

So the answer is: you can recruit on your own, but you probably shouldn’t.

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