Recruiting Staff in 2020

Posted on December 31, 2019 at 12:25 pm

Lots of people look for new jobs in the new year, seeing it as an opportunity to make a fresh start with their career. People set all kinds of new year’s resolutions, and finding a new job is often a big part of this, allowing them to get a better work life balance, or achieve some personal aims. Businesses looking to recruit in 2020 can tap into this straight away by releasing job adverts in January, one of the most popular months for recruiting staff.

Think carefully about the positions you want to advertise and how you are going to put the job descriptions together. You want to attract the right people, as lots will be seeking new work in 2020. Consider enlisting a recruitment agency to help you in your search. They can post online adverts and check through CVs on your behalf, helping you to find the right talent for the role.

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