Adapting your CV for the Job you Desire

Posted on January 27, 2014 at 8:25 am

A CV doesn’t just have to be a stationary page that only changes when you get a new job or a new qualification; it can actually be tweaked and adapted for the positions you’re going for. One CV is not going to be entirely relevant for one specific job, and if you take this into account you could end up increasing your prospects.

Occasionally there are countless CVs handed in for one available job position, and the closer your CV is to that position the better. You may find that the job you are applying for has a list of skills required. If those skills are not mentioned in your CV then it’s likely that you will not make the cut for an interview.

This is why you should consider adapting your CV for the specific job you are applying for. It’s something experienced individuals will do when they apply for a job, but remember you do not necessarily have to rewrite your CV, you can merely make the changes that are required and nothing more. Happy Job hunting!

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Self Advertising to Gain a Job

Posted on January 23, 2014 at 7:21 pm

Self advertising can be extremely important in terms of gaining the job you desire. Self advertising is taking your recruitment into your own hands. It can take a long time to hear anything back from recruitment agencies, and there’s no harm in you contacting employers directly to see if they have any opportunities. This is where you will need to pitch yourself to potential employees and be direct about it.

Advertising yourself using social media networks can also increase your chances of gaining a job, and it essentially means building up your contacts and making many people aware of your skills and the fact that you’re looking for work. LinkedIn can be an ideal network for building professional contacts, and by spending time building connections with relevant people, you may just get a lucky break.

This type of direct self-advertising can show you’re being more forceful about getting a job, perhaps more passionate and also unique. Even though some employers may not get back to you, they may just keep you on their records, so over part of communication with potential employers is vital.

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