Are Recruitment Agencies Good Value for Money?

Posted on December 18, 2017 at 6:49 am

It is difficult to say whether all recruitment agencies are going to be good value for money for your business. Some will offer an excellent service, in your specific field, giving you a personalised and highly useful service. Others will not offer such a good service and you may feel like you are throwing good money after bad.

Talk to a recruiter in detail to establish if they are going to be the right one for you. Find out about their previous experience and whether they have a proven track record of helping businesses like yours.

When looking for value for money in recruitment, it can be tempting to think this equates to a cheap service. This isn’t true at all – you may actually have to pay considerably more if you want a quality service. If it gets you the results you need, then it is worth paying for and you will benefit from the results.

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Using a Site to Advertise a Job Opportunity

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 9:47 pm

When a job opportunity arises in your company, you are going to want to fill it as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have a vacancy, think about advertising it on a job board, where you will be able to get plenty of value for your money.

There are several main job boards where you will be able to post a description of your vacancy and give some more information about it, like the salary and any extra perks of working for you. If you want to sponsor it, you can make the advert appear at the top of perspective employees’ lists.

You can also engage a recruitment agency to place your ads for you. They will be highly experienced and will know how to get results for you. Sometimes they will also offer packages, where you can buy a certain number of job adverts in bulk to reduce the cost.

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How to Find a New Job

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 6:51 am

Job hunting isn’t the nicest of experiences and it only becomes more stressful when you don’t know where to start. The number of jobs out there is growing and it’s only fair that you know how to tap into the market. Here are some ways to find that perfect new job:

  • Put your CV onto job websites. This lets recruiters find you and headhunt you. They will match you to positions that they feel are right for you, giving you the best possible chance at finding something new.
  • Apply to jobs on job sites. This will put your CV into the hands of the right recruitment professionals and hiring managers.
  • Send out perspective letters. A company may not have any current jobs but once they get some, this will help put you at the forefront of their minds.
  • Go into recruitment agencies. Introduce yourself personally and let the recruitment executives put a face to the name.

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Are you Being Paid What you are Worth?

Posted on September 1, 2017 at 4:37 pm

Do you know if you are being paid what you are worth in the workplace? If you’re not sure, it is worth establishing what the going rate is for people with your level of knowledge and experience. Have a look at jobs in your sector to see what wage is being offered and have a look online and submit your CV to see what you ought to be being paid.

Once you know what you are worth, talk to you employers. They should be paying you the same amount you could get elsewhere. Otherwise, what incentive is there for you to stay? Let them know what you have found and see if they are willing to give you a payrise. If not, it might be time to start looking for a new job. Lots of employees are undervalued in the workplace and you deserve to be paid for your time, skills and experience.

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Time for a Career Change?

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 12:20 pm

Are you thinking about a career change. This can be both a difficult and exciting time. There are lots of decisions to be made but at the same time, your future can be a lot more exciting. Here are some pointers to help you decide what to do:

  • Talk to a recruitment agency. They will be able to tell you about jobs that will use your skill set. Make it clear that you are keen to try something a little bit different.
  • Visit a careers counsellor. They can give you advice about your career and point you in a new direction. They can tell you about jobs you might never have thought of or that you didn’t know existed.
  • Look online. Most jobs are now advertised somewhere on the internet. Browse through jobs that you think you may be suitable for and see if any of them appeal to you.

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Should Businesses Use a Recruitment Agency?

Posted on July 14, 2017 at 4:50 pm

It can be a great idea for businesses to use a recruitment agency. Many businesses find that recruitment consultants offer them excellent value for money and they get great results from using their services. If you haven’t used a recruitment agency before, now might be the time to consider it.

Look for a consultant that matches your needs and that specialises in your field. For example, there are recruiters who specialise in sectors like teaching, marketing, HR, publishing etc. so find one that meets your requirements. By hiring a professional, you won’t have to do all the hard work whilst recruiting. They will find you potential candidates who meet your job specification and who have been pre-interviewed by them to check their credentials. As you work with a recruiter more, they get to know you, your business and what you are looking for. The relationship can be very beneficial for you.

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How to Progress in your Teaching Career

Posted on April 3, 2017 at 3:09 pm

As with any other job, people working in teaching want to progress and get further up in their careers. Teaching is a very specific field and you will need to do certain things if you want to climb the teaching career ladder. It’s not like a usual job where you can have a certain role for a while and gain promotions. You need to look out for new opportunities and put yourself forward.

One of the best ways to begin progressing is to look for opportunities in your current school. You may be able to apply for additional responsibilities, such as being a head of house or an assistant leader for a certain year group.

If opportunities don’t arise in your current school, it may be time to consider applying for a new teaching job. You can look out for opportunities on specific recruitment websites, or you can pass your details on to a teaching recruitment professional.

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Is Recruitment a Good Career for you?

Posted on February 27, 2017 at 5:13 pm

The recruitment sector is an exciting one to work in. Many people find it a very rewarding place to work, with lots of challenges and plenty of money to be made. If you are considering a career in recruitment, now might be just the right time for you to move. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are seriously thinking about becoming a recruitment consultant:

  • Are you career driven? Recruitment is a competitive field. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, you will lag behind.
  • Do you mind working long hours? The hours can be long but the benefits will be excellent. If you find this rewarding, you would make a good recruitment consultant.
  • Do you enjoy helping people? One of the most rewarding parts of working in recruitment is helping people find their dream jobs. This career path would really appeal to someone who likes working with others and helping them in the world of work.

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Finding a Job that you will Love

Posted on January 31, 2017 at 12:55 pm

It’s so important that you love your job. After all, you spend so much time doing it. If you just don’t feel that way about your current position, it’s time to rethink and find a new job. You deserve to be happy in what you do, so get looking straight away and find something more suited to your personality.

You could try asking friends and family what they think you would be good at. They will be able to give you advice based on what they know about your strengths, as well as the kind of person you are. They may be able to spot personality traits that you can’t see yourself.

Talk to a professional. This could be a careers’ counsellor, or perhaps a recruiter. Both will be able to give you a variety of options and can present you with jobs you may not have previously come across. See if any of them take your fancy.

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Writing a Good Cover Letter

Posted on October 16, 2016 at 6:42 pm

A good written cover letter is vital when looking for work. You need to give a good enough impression so that your CV goes one step further in the game we call hiring!

Building upon the information in your CV, a cover letter should state in no uncertain terms why this company should hire you. Everything it includes should encourage the recruiter to give your CV the attention it deserves.

Before you sit down to write your cover letter, do some research on the company and the job you’re applying for. Things to know include what the company does, their competitors and where they’re placed in the market.

Not only will carrying out this research give you the knowledge you require to tailor your cover letter and CV to the style of the company, it also demonstrates that you’ve a real interest in the role and the company itself.

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