The Difficulties of Becoming a Teacher

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 11:37 am

Teaching is not an easy career by any means. Some may see teachers are fortunate, because of the school holidays and time off they receive. This is true in some ways, but there is a lot of marketing and preparation which means they relax a lot less than some may think.

Schools can be very difficult institutions to work in for various reasons:

  • There is a diverse range of students, who all have different likes, dislikes and needs, and with over 20 people typically in each class, it can virtually be impossible to teach in a way that suits all of their unique desires.
  • School budgets can be tight, especially in the public sector. And there can occasionally be battles between department attempting to spend the money for various activities and equipment.
  • With so many different subjects, students and classes, marketing can become an issue, and each student demands the same amount of time and effort. The fact is there are not enough free teaching periods to do this, so there is likely to be more homework for teachers than for students.


There are ways to overcome these difficulties however and it requires dedication, time and effort. Don’t let these put you off a teaching career and if you have a passion for educating, you’ll work to overcome these issues.

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